How Industrial Parks Aid in City Growth

The city of Mission has welcomed dozens of new businesses in recent years, marking one of the greatest periods of growth in decades. In addition to shopping plazas, restaurants, and entertainment venues, the city has also expanded through the use of industrial parks.

What is an Industrial Park?

An industrial park is a large, designated area specially designed for large-scale manufacturing and logistic based business operations within city limits. Built to attract new businesses to a particular region, industrial parks have the potential to play a significant role in a city’s economic success.

While founded by the city council, the Mission EDC currently oversees the city’s industrial parks. Many of the organizations that occupy space in Mission’s industrial parks are large-scale businesses that bring thousands of jobs to the area. This provides wonderful economic opportunities to residents of Mission and nearby cities.

Mission Industrial Park

The city of Mission is home to a Class A industrial park, which is already attracting new, lucrative businesses to the area.

Industrial parks are unique in that certain regulations must be met in order for businesses to take up occupancy. Unlike a traditional commercial space, there are strict guidelines that must be followed in order to preserve the integrity of the park. These guidelines are enforced by a special oversight committee that ensures environmental standards are met and that each business follows certain protocol. All of this is done to ensure businesses have access to a safe, clean space to conduct their operations.

Why Purchase a Lot in Mission’s Industrial Parks?

Industrial parks carry a wide range of benefits for cities and residents. These designated areas maintain a synergy of 18-wheeler traffic, noise, and manufacturing pollution, keeping disturbances away from neighborhoods within the city. And the benefits extend beyond city residents, too. The parks are master-planned with off-site detention allowing for property owners to maximize the buildable space on their lot.

Industrial parks can provide businesses a variety of benefits. One of Mission’s largest industrial parks, for instance, is located right off the expressway, which allows for convenient travel for professional drivers and employees. Nearby roads are also paved to offer safer rides for those navigating this area. These, among other benefits, are part of what makes Mission’s industrial parks such a great option for businesses hoping to establish operations in the bustling border region.

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